Baby Mattress Multiple Design

Rs. 1,790

Style: D#1


SKU: 123961

Baby Mattress Multiple Design

  • Soft Material and Highly Comfortable – Made from soft air-filled plastic
  • Double Layer for extra durability
  • Provide excellent protection against fluids & urine
  • Beautiful Printed Pattern
  • Made Of Soft Cotton Material, Do Not Wrinkle Deformation, Anti- Allergies, Let Your Baby be More Comfortable.
  • Absorb Fast, Offer All Leak Protection.
  • Soft Feeling Gives The Baby A More Comfortable Sleep.
  • Waterproof And Breathe
  • Contains: 4 Baby Plastic Sheet With On Side Cotton Cloth And One Side Plastic, Inside Filling Form Which Is Strongly Supported By Plastic, Form & Cotton Cloth
  • You can use it everywhere, on the changing table, sofa, carpet, even spread it on a bed to give baby nappy free time.
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